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Upcoming Tournaments
April 5 (Thu)  7:04 AM- Eight Days a Week
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Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Rancho Park Golf Course
  • If you sign up and pay for another player/players, you are guaranteed to be paired together.  Short of that, leave your requests in the comments section on the following pages - but there are no guarantees.

  • Tee times and pairings are not FINAL until the day before the tournament.  Things can, and will, change, until the afternoon before the tournament.

  • Check-in with the volunteer at the table AT LEAST 20 minutes before your tee time.  Failure to do so will result in a 2-stroke penalty on the first hole.

Deadline: March 25
Maximum Number of Players: 96
COST: $56.00
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April 14 (Sat)  8:00 AM- Four Ball Championship
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Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Rancho Park Golf Course
16 teams in each flight.  Each team plays a 2-Man Best Ball.  The top eight teams in each flight advance to the Knock-Out stage of the tournament.  In this round you won't be playing directly against the guys in your foursome, but against the entire flight.  Each player will also get their allotted strokes on their card.  Team best scores will be added hole by hole to get a final team score.
Teams will tee off according to flight.  Championship, then President, then Vice President.  As teams enter the bar after their round to receive a free beer/beverage coupon, the Tournament Committee will officially tally their scores. 
Once all scores are counted for a flight, teams that qualify will be placed on a large board and seeded according to how they finished on the day. #1 will play #8, #2 will play #7, etc in the Knock-Out stage.  If your team isn't on the board, it means your team did not advance.

Tie breakers for the Play-In Round will be determined by the best net score from the back nine and, if necessary, the back six then the back three. If teams are still tied then we'll start at 18 and go back, hole by hole, to determine the winner.
Once the Play-In round is over, all further rounds will be head-to-head, single elimination Fourball matches.  Match play. The last teams standing in each flight will get their names on the trophy.

The complete list of rules and regulations for the RPGC Fourball Championship and be found here.

You can follow the tournament as teams advance by checking out the brackets page.

This tournament is open to RPGC Members who are (a) members in good standing, (b) who have an established low index, and (c) who have competed in at least three RPGC sanctioned tournaments within 12 months prior to this tournament. Participation in the same event the year prior, does not count as an eligible round.

Deadline: April 4
Maximum Number of Players: 96
COST: $70.00
Contact: Thor Tandberg
Click here for Tournament Player List

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